How To Design The Perfect Custom Jewelry Piece

Don't let the word "custom" intimidate you! Custom-made jewelry pieces can actually be completely affordable and allow you to really show of your personal style. Follow the tips below and you'll be on your way to owning the custom jewelry piece of your dreams!

1. Get Inspired

When working with a jewelry designer, the best way to describe what you might like in your custom jewelry piece is to actually show it. Do a google search for the style of jewelry you like, or scan through online portfolios of jewelers that appeal to you. At Mountainside Designs Jewelry, we always keep an up-to-date gallery of custom jewelry work that is designed to inspire! Gather as many inspiration photos as you can, and save them to a Pinterest board so they're organized all in one place.


2. Be flexible on materials

This wire wrap pendant was made with silver-fill wire (copper coated in silver) rather than pure sterling silver - but visually, they look the exact same!

Materials are usually the most expensive element of any jewelry piece. A great way to save some dough on your custom jewelry piece is to try and be as flexible as possible when it comes to the materials used to create your piece. For example, substitute copper or nickel in place of all or some of the sterling silver. These metals are much cheaper, and can actually create a really interesting mixed-metals look.

When it comes to wire wrapped jewelry, I highly recommend using non-tarnish silver plated wire. This is a much more cost efficient material than sterling silver, and to the naked eye looks exactly the same. It's long lasting and has a non-tarnish finish to keep you wire wrapped pendant looking amazing for years!

Also be open to the type and cut of stone you select. For example, a faceted opal is much more expensive than a "raw" opal, but both are equally beautiful! Or, if you're an April baby with the pricey diamond birthstone, try substituting a herkimer diamond in your custom jewelry piece.

3. Know your style, and your jewelery designer.


It's important that you identify and are able to describe your personal style. This is critical when it comes to deciding which jeweler to use when making your custom jewelry. As I mentioned before, be sure you use images as examples and descriptive words such as "vintage" or "southwestern". You should also only seek out jewelers who are open to making custom pieces. Some have a line of pieces they release each season and that's it. Others - like Mountainside Designs Jewelry  (*wink, wink*) love collaborating and making custom jewelry! Check out my custom jewelry page for examples of my past work for inspiration!

No matter what style, stone or material you choose, don't be intimidated by the idea of having a piece of custom jewelry made for you. It's a wonderful way to get creative, collaborate and ultimately create a truly one of a kind piece of jewelry specifically for you!

Always keep in mind, Mountainside Designs creates custom jewelry. So whether you're interested in a custom ring, custom necklace, custom earrings or custom bracelet, we've got you covered!

Do you have a piece of custom jewelry you absolutely love? Or do you have a creative idea you've been dying to bring to life? We'd love to hear about it - so leave us some comments below!