Spring Cleaning - Jewelry Style!

You all could probably guess, but I have A LOT of jewelry. Some of it is in my own collection, but I also have a lot of pieces that are for sale on the Mountainside Designs website. Keeping it all organized can be a challenge! Check out the ideas below for creative ways to display and organize your personal jewelry collection!

I'll take just about any excuse to poke around the "junk stores" here in Bozeman. I always find great stuff. Always.

I love this DIY project for turning some old school wooden dishes into painted jewelry trays. I always take my rings off when doing dishes or washing my hands, so I always have little dishes like this by all of my sinks. 

These would also make great little gifts for friends who are recently engaged. One of my best friends got me a ring holder as an engagement gift and I use it EVERYDAY. It's really thoughtful, but also not expensive and best of all, FUN!

I also think just about any of our Turquoise Rings would look SO AWESOME in one of these fun, hand-painted trays *wink wink*

Click Here for the full tutorial


It's SO. SIMPLE. So simple, yet so perfect. 

Find a pretty stick out in your yard, lightly hammer in some small nails and wrap some string, yarn or hemp (always my choice) around the ends to hang it. Easy peasy. 

I HATE when all my necklace chains get tangled up when I put them in my jewelry box. Hanging them this way would totally eliminate that problem. Plus, I feel like when you display your necklaces in a place where you can easily see then, you end up wearing them more. 


Turn your jewelry into art! 

This jewelry organization idea involves upcycling an old picture frame into an organized jewelry display. This means you get to take another trip to the thrift store (yay!). 

Depending on the style of your room and what frame you find, it may also be fun to paint the frame to match your decor. 

Once you've got the frame all ready, just attach some chicken wire from the local hardware store to the back. Viola! TONS of storage for your lovely Mountainside Designs Earring Collection ! ;)

Click Here for the full tutorial. 


Turn cute plastic animal toys into an awesome necklace display! Carefully cut them in half, and glue onto a piece of board, super easy!

You could even spray paint the animals (gold?) for a more "refined" look. LOVE.

Click Here for the full tutorial. 

I hope these fun jewelry display ideas will help inspire you to add "jewelry organization" to your list of spring cleaning to-do's! If you attempt any of these project please share photos below in the comments!