DIY Giant Dreamcatcher Tutorial

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I like to fancy myself a DIYer - my motto is, "why the heck should I pay $x for something I could surely make myself?!" Since purchasing a new home in lovely Bozeman, Montana this past spring I've really come down with the DIY fever to jazz up our new place! This not only makes our home more personal, but also saves some major mulah! 

I'd like to share with you all this super fun and simple DIY Giant Dreamcatcher project! The best part is it's really quite easy, and makes a MAJOR decor statement! Read the steps below, and please feel free to leave and comments or questions!

DIY Giant Dreamcatcher



  • Get (or make) a Hula Hoop
  • Yarn (color & style is up to you)
  • Clear tacky glue
  • Macrame cord
  • Whatever decorations you want to hang from the bottom (fabric strips, feathers, beads, colored string etc.)

Step 1:

Wrap the hula hoop with the yarn

This step is a little tedious as you have to constantly pass the yarn through the hoop (but a perfect mindless task to do while watching Netflix) - just take your time and be sure you wrap it tight so none of the hoop shows through. Every 6 - 12 inches or so, add a dab of the clear tacky glue to ensure the yarn stays in place. 

Step 2:


se some of the extra yarn to tie a loop at the top

Once you've wrapped the yarn all the way around the hoop, use one more dab of glue to finish things off. Then, pull out a little extra yarn and tie a loop you'll use to hang the dreamcatcher from. 

Step 3:

Weave your dreamcatcher

Now it's time for the fun part - actually creating the dreamcatcher weave! Use your macrame cord to weave it up! The easiest way I've found to do it is to follow the instructions demonstrated in this image:

Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest

Just follow these simple steps to create the style of weave that best suits you. Looping further out create a bigger weave, while looping closer together creates a tight weave. TIP: I suggest sticking with a large/medium weave. If you make it too tight, as you reach the middle of the weave it'll be pretty difficult to keep passing your macrame cord through. 

Step 4:

Add embellishments!

Now it the time to really add a personal touch to your dreamcatcher! 

I had planned to display my dreamcatcher in the guest bedroom kind of in place of a headboard - so I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I found some pretty black-tipped feathers at Michael's and grouped a few together. I hung them off the bottom of the dreamcatcher in three places and left it at that. I love the final product >>>>>

Actually, I loved the way it came out so much that I decided to incorporate five HUGE dreamcatchers into the decor of my wedding that was this past October! I wanted these to be more fun and colorful than the first one I made. So, I wrapped the frame of the dreamcatchers with yarn that had more colors variations but were still a natural tone. I also went a little wild with the embellishments I added to the bottom - but LOVE how they came out!. I tore a bunch of strips of colorful fabric and knotted them together to hang from the bottom. Then I also mixed in some gold spray painted feathers and leaves. I just kept adding and adding layers until I felt good about it and I think the final product was amazing - they were definitely the hit of the wedding! (see below)

Amelia Turbyfill Favorites-0525 copy.jpg
Amelia Turbyfill Favorites-0534 copy.jpg
Amelia Turbyfill Favorites-0473.jpg

Please leave your feedback and questions in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you!

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